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Thanks to Kevin Seawright, A Baltimore Housing Employee Now Owns His First Home

Based in Baltimore, Kevin Seawright puts his financial and administrative skills to good use. RPS Solutions LLC, is a company he founded in 2015 to work with individuals in low-income areas by overseeing all the details necessary to enable residents in the Baltimore area to become first time home owners.

Kevin Seawright believes the pride of owning your own home is vital to establishing stability in neighborhoods which have begun to “decline.” In partnership with Baltimore City officials and Housing & Community Development, RPS’s goal is to renovate homes for first time buyers who haven’t yet qualified for ownership.

One good example of his renewal program’s mission to help others involves the son of a good friend. Even though he had solid employment with the City of Baltimore’s Housing Department, the young man’s budget would not stretch to cover buying a home worth owning. Kevin Seawright advised him to buy a renovated house in Baltimore’s metro area, a home the young man could be proud to call his own, and the rest is history.

Kevin Seawright was in a position to help that young man along with one of life’s most important issues, affordable, decent housing. The fact that this young person was someone he had mentored from age 10 only sweetened that feeling of success.

RPS solutions LLC, the brainchild of Kevin Seawright, has one main goal. To renovate, and make affordable homes that would otherwise be out of reach for many. By helping to “grow” the number of homeowners in the Baltimore area from its current rate of 48.3%, they expect not only to match the rest of the state, they hope to exceed it.

Considering Seawright’s drive and determination, the outcome of his companies goal is almost surely a certainty. Many people are already grateful for the help they received from RPS and it is to be hoped that many more will be in the future.

Elected to Power as the Chairman of Capital Group

Timothy D. Armour is the current chairman and chief executive officer of the Capital Group. Capital Group is one of the longest private industry firms in the United States. Their mission is to serve private investors, financial intermediaries, and institutions around the world through American Funds in long-term investing. Tim Armour was elected chairman of the Capital Group committee in the date of July 28, 2015.

By that time he was also serving as chairman of the capital research and management company. Tim along with other members of the board including Rob Lovelace (president of Capital Research and Management Company), and Phil De Toledo ( president of the Capital Group) will continue to run the business strategies of Capital Group’s mission.

Tim Armour was elected as the Chairman after the sudden loss of former chairman Jim Rothenburg who died of natural causes. Tim has a total of 32 years of experience dealing with investments making him the perfect candidate to be elected into being the chairman of Capital Group. While being elected into being the chairman of Capital Group, Tim did offer advice to other investors who are looking for tips along their careers. Tim Armour said to “find active managers who earn their keep”. He then gave an example about two different competitors being Netflix and blockbuster. While they do manifest themselves in the market in different ways they do share a similar goal which is movie rentals. Obviously Blockbuster and Netflix flourished, but the point he demanded is to always study the possibilities of the future for your company.

Tim Armour then entered negotiations with Samsung asset management to develop a partnership with Capital Group. This partnership will help benefit employees working in Capital group as the company will offer better retirement funds when the time comes. To further add on, Tim Armour says “the broader plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the savings, retirement, and insurance-linked needs of Korean investors.”

With these changes, it is easy to understand why Tim Armour is the best elective for Chairman of Capital group. This is because of his ability to examine the needs of not only the company but also to the requirements of his employees.

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Lovaganza, a New Humanitarian Effort in Entertainment

While some may see the undercurrent of world events as dark and chaotic, Lovaganza strives to bring all that is good about humanity into clear focus. What is Lovaganza? It is an entertainment enterprise set to launch in 2017, with an aim to unify world cultures and elevate the human spirit. Described as a “Bohemian Adventure,” Lovaganza is grand in its vision, incorporating many mediums and venues including film, live exhibitions, music, and cutting edge technology. Lovaganza’s message is non-cynical: within our differences, we can flourish together.

At the center of Lovaganza is the Convoy film trilogy. These films will be released from 2018 to 2020 and are designed to show the struggles and the triumph of the human spirit with zest, suspense, pathos, action, and humor. The first film “Follow Your Sunshine,” tells the story of a young priest who believes he understands how to end all war. He leaves behind his robes and travels by motorcycle to spread his message. Along the way he is recruited by a secret organization on lovaganza.com, the Golden Wings and must fight against the machinations of the evil Invisible Hand. This exciting film will be shown both in regular and 3D movie theaters. However, most important, it is also filmed to make use of the exiting new technology: Immerscope. Immerscope offers a 3D perspective, without the need of 3D glasses, and can feature a 360 degree screen, putting the audience in the center of the action.

Immerscope will be a central part of the Lovaganza exhibitions which will begin in 2017 and travel worldwide. Visitors will be able to experience the amazing 360 degree screen and view Lovaganza’s animated film: The Marvelous 12. The soundtrack for this uplifting feature is currently be recorded at Abbey Road studios in London. Visitors will also be welcome on a “walk around the world,” and experience the wealth of different world cultures.

The Lovaganza enterprise will crescendo from May to September of 2020. Exhibitions will be held simultaneously in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. The culmination of these events will be the Hands Across the World Ceremony. This event on wikidot.com will again utilize state of the art technology, “Unity Machines,” to cut across mountains and oceans. People from all continents will be able to come together and join hands. The result is an enormous human circle of trust around the Earth.

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Richard Blair Services to Curb Financial Tussles through Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas

Wealth Solutions is a leading company in providing services that aim in growing their clients, protecting and managing their assets. The company was founded by Richard Blair who is a renowned financial advisor and a great partner to its customers.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions have been able to offer various investment answers to the company’s clients. Wealth Solutions company works as a registered investment advisory firm (RIA). Blair advocates for the development of solid plans because it is an approach that allows one to focus and tackle all financial goals. He believes that he can strengthen every person living in Austin, Texas by offering them with retirement planning and solid wealth management services.

Below is the financial process that Wealth Solutions follows in their operations:

The company has a three pillar solution approach that it applies to understand the financial position and retirement requirement of its clients. It serves as an excellent way to develop a unique plan for every customer.

The first pillar focusses on helping the clients to lay down their financial journey to where they are that point of consultation. At this stage, it becomes easy to pick on the strengths, risk tolerance, objectives and any available opportunity for growth. It has always been a very helpful step because by understanding the underlying journey of the client it is easy to tilt them towards the right financial direction.

The second pillar focusses on creating some long-term strategies that can help curb the financial struggles of a client. It emphases on the liquidity as well as investment goals of a client. According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions carries out the reallocation and management of client’s assets to ensure they perform optimally during favorable market conditions and as well minimize the effects in case of unfavorable conditions.

The third and last pillar concentrates on insurance needs of the clients which include the provision of life assurance, long-term care, and annuities.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair a self-directed financial advisor who possesses a vast experience in the financial industry. He graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in finance. He also has been certified in different fields including Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Retirement Income Certified Professional, Certified Tax Specialist and Certified Income Specialist.

Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions where he aims to provide financial advice, wealth preservation strategies, and retirement plans. He has been able to help many individuals, families as well as business owners across Austin, Texas. He loves spending quality time with his family, playing golf, bike riding and exercising.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Reveals Cosmetics Inspiration And Business Philosophy

Makeup and fashion enthusiasts are undoubtedly familiar with one of the rising stars in the cosmetics world. Lime Crime, and its CEO Doe Deere, are anomalies in the fashion and business worlds. Only recently has Doe Deere revealed the true inspiration behind Lime Crime and why she believes it is such a success.


Doe Deere has humble beginnings in Russia, but has always been attracted to high fashion and the art of personal cosmetic design. She is quick to state that her most powerful inspiration for starting Lime Crime was the lack of ultra bright colors available for true female personal expression in her youth. Until Lime Crime hit the market, trying to express oneself with ordinary makeup was an exercise in conformity and boredom.


Doe Deere is a true eccentric and non-conformist. She has successfully transferred her personality into her makeup line. Lime Crime adheres to a culturally forward ideal in that it is absolutely animal and environment friendly. These qualities alone separate Lime Crime from 99 percent of the cosmetics market. In addition, only the most vivid colors and textures are offered by Lime Crime. According to Doe Deere, there is nothing commonplace and ordinary about a person wanting to express themselves through makeup. Every bright, shocking, clashing, unusual, and soul-connecting hue should be available. Fortunately, Lime Crime has achieved this ideal.


Early work experiences and social interactions are the ultimate inspiration behind Doe Deere’s magnum cosmetic opus. She worked and lived in many situations that exuded nothing but poor attitudes, depression, conformity, and overall human pessimism. These experiences were completely antithetical to Deere’s own personality and life mission. With a bit of patience and a raw makeup line, Lime Crime exploded on the online market. It’s mission and philosophy made sense to a huge consumer audience. With Deere herself as the premier model, Lime Crime had the fortune of being represented in the truest way.


Lime Crime is now the representative product for a growing business overseen by Doe Deere and a crew of dedicated individuals. They are constantly working to ensure Lime Crime products maintain their philosophical purity in all ways. This includes the environment, remaining cruelty-free, and adopting holistic production methods. Best of all, Doe Deere has used her success as the founder of one of the top new cosmetics to mentor others. She is especially dedicated to recognizing and mentoring other female entrepreneurs. Deere is committed to encouraging other inventors, innovators, and investors in the cosmetics world who have the same vision of success through self-expression, to aim for the stars.

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The Kabbalah Centre Transforming Lives

The Kabbalah Centre is a global organization that helps people regardless of their religious affiliation. The Kabbalah Centre was founded to take Jewish Mystical Wisdom and make it accessible for the masses. In ancient times, Jewish rabbis jealously guarded the high wisdom of Judaism from reaching those outside their culture.

One of the great problems with many religions is lack of practical application of the good principles espoused at the place of worship. The Kabbalah Centre challenges people to take spiritual wisdom and make it more real and effective in their day to day life. Kabbalah is something that people of any religion can practice and find hope from.

One of the primary issues in Kabbalah Center is removing Klippot. Klippot is the spiritual and mental fog that surrounds the mind of a fleshly, arrogant, and selfish person. Kabbalah practitioners learn how to apply wisdom to make their lives healthier and happier. One of the foremost ancient practitioners of Kabbalah was King Solomon, who wrote the excellent wisdom books Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

One of Solomon’s best proverbs is, “Those who like pleasure will be poor.” The contrapositive is helpful as well, “Those who like suffering will be rich.” Another of Solomon’s proverbs notes the importance of balance in our daily life, “Better is one hand with peace, than two with hardship.”

Many people feel uncomfortable with making changes to their life based on spiritual wisdom. It seems so odd and unpopular. But the pragmatic and materialistic values of our world are rotting away our souls and bodies. As Kabbalah would say, Klippot is clogging our brains. Practicing Kabbalah can make you wealthier, more effective, peaceful, and spiritually enlightened.

If you wish that there was a life hack that would work all the time, then Kabbalah is a great fit for you.

Darius Fisher and his New Award

Businesses as well as individuals that both rely on the opinion of the public in order to be successful have now started to invest in the reputation management industry, an industry with creative professionals that are all dedicated to not only negating any negative comments or reviews about the individual or company, but are also experts in creating a positive online reputation that is complete with positive news as well as up to date information. As the amount of internet users has exponentially increased over the years, it has become a requirement for businesses that wish to thrive to have an up to date presence. A presence on social media among other internet sites is the beginning step to build a strong company that is guaranteed a future. Out of the many reputation management firms, one firm in particular stands out as one of the leading reputation management firms used in the country as well as in the world.
This reputation management firm is known as Status Labs, a company that is a newer company and that has been exponentially growing over the last three years as the high demand has grown among business owners and public individuals. Status Labs is a company that was co-founded by Darius Fisher who is an individual with extensive experience in providing excellent reputation advice in both the private sector, as well as within the public sector. In recent news, the innovation and expertise of Darius Fisher has been awarded through the Business Development Individual of the year award.

This award is given to those that show true excellence in the reputation management industry and to those that find new creative solutions to offer to the clients of this industry. With experts in SEO, Darius Fisher is a unique leader who emphasizes trust within his work space. With countless experts working at his management firm, Darius Fisher encourages creativity by making each employee truly feel a part of the company. Though Status Labs is a relatively new company, the future is looking bright for the company with countless loyal clients that flock to this firm.


Doe Deere: The Beauty Magnate

If you have any interest in beauty of even news whatsoever, you’ve likely seen multiple pictures of Doe Deere all over the news networks and social media. You’ve been struck by how much her bright face lights up the screen. You’ve been blown away by the luminescent colors in her hair. You’ve seen some beautiful yet eclectic and somehow unique styles jump off the page one after another. As she’s continued to grow, the number of individuals, and now companies, trying to build off of her pioneering styles has only grown. How exactly did this sunny individual rise to her current stardom?

Doe Deere was born in 1981 in Russia. Despite her Russian heritage, Deere spent much of her childhood growing up in New York City. Growing up, Deere always had a strong interest in fashion and cosmetics even from a young age. It was always her dream to start a fashion industry to give people all over the world unique styles and colors from which to bring out their inner beauty. Deere attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied illustration and fashion; however, she never finished. She actually dropped out prior to graduation to start her own line of clothing, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is now an independent fashion brand that can be found on Ebay.

Deere decided to go with the name Lime Crime because it rhymed, incorporated what she called her favorite color, and attracted a large amount of traffic to her brand. She also believes that lime is a color that doesn’t stay within its boundaries and enjoys to break the rules. Deere says this matches her approach to fashion, seeking to break down the conventional norms and traditions of fashion.

In addition to running the business end of her clothing line, for the longest time she worked by herself. Ultimately, she had to double as both the business end of her company and the model showing off the products she was coming up with. Her bright, flashy, and colorful looks are stereotypical of the clothes and makeup brands she comes up with. Bright colors such as lime green, hot pink, and deep red are frequent appearances in the products she models. This unique look ballooned Deere to the fashion magnate she in today.

After her company took off, Deere moved to Los Angeles with her husband. She continues to run her company, which uses a synthetic beeswax in all of its products. Deere is also a staunch animal rights’ activist, making sure all of her products are developed and manufactured free of any animal association whatsoever. She has been a pioneer and master at developing and promoting her magical, fantastical style without testing any of her trademarked makeups or clothing lines on animals at all.

Without a doubt, Deere represents an established voice of a new generation of fashion. With her bright colors, Deere hasn’t just lit up the industry but the entire world. Deere is a shining example for anyone looking to add their special touch on this ever changing industry.


Back to the Basics of Reputation Management

In an article originally published in Online Reputation Reviews, author Brian Hughes reminds online business executives that it is vital to build trust and credit-ability through managing their online reputation. Even those who have been selling goods and services online for many years can should re-access their operations allowing them to spot any weaknesses.

On average, a satisfied customer will tell about five people about their great experience. An unhappy customer may tell up to 15 people. If either customer chooses to take to social media that number grows exponentially. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be encouraging their happy customers to leave reviews where they will have the most impact. Executives also need to be using tools that allow them to monitor when a customer says something negative about the company or one of its products. Answer these customers calmly and as quickly as possible. Others reading the conversation will probably be thrilled that you are being proactive in trying to solve the complaint. It is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. Therefore, if the customer is not easily satisfied, try taking them to a direct message or a chat room.
Many new businesses try to lure customers into their business with extremely low prices. The result is that the customer will leave your business when someone is able to offer an even lower price. Instead of relying on this technique, lure new customers in with outstanding customer service. These customers are less likely to leave and often anxious to tell their friends about your services and goods.
Finally, encourage customers to feel good about doing business with your company by being a good corporate neighbor. If you focus on a small geographical area, then promote non-profit activities within that region. For example, help send needy kids to camp or help to feed the homeless. Even if your business is more spread out, there are still things you can do like using sustainable techniques.


Thor Halvorssen gets His Hands Dirty In The Name Of Human Rights

When discussing human rights activism it is common to hear of individuals arriving in the community after being personally affected by the issues surrounding closed societies and a loss of human rights. One person who many would not expect to be personally affected by a loss of human rights is Thor Halvorssen, a member of powerful political families in his native Venezuela and Norway; however, Halvorssen became involved in human rights activism after his father was imprisoned and tortured when acting as the Venezuelan drug czar, and his mother shot during an anti government rally.

Thor Halvorssen set out on a career in activism that saw him take on roles at some of the top human rights protection groups in the world. Eventually, Thor Halvorssen felt he needed to take a more direct approach and embarked on the establishment of his own Human Rights Foundation with some of the best known political activists and prisoners in the world. Halvorssen stands as the figurehead for the HRF, but has appointed Russian political activist Gary Kasparov as President as he continues to back anti Vladimir Putin political activities.

As a well known Hollywood producer Thor Halvorssen has looked to use his skills in the media industry to continue to shine a light on human rights abuses by looking at the activities of well known individuals traveling the world. According to Huffington Post, Halvorssen has brought trips by pop star Nicki Minaj and soccer player Lionel Messi to the attention of their fans when they appeared alongside government figures known for abusing human rights.

For Thor Halvorssen the cause of human rights means more than simply discussing the subject in a New York City office with the University of Pennsylvania graduate traveling to Vietnam and Korea in search of the stories of those who have been oppressed. During a trip to Vietnam to record an interview with a political prisoner under house arrest Halvorssen and his camera operator were beaten by government officials when they discovered the interview had taken place.

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